How to Avoid Stress at IKEA

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It’s somewhat of a joke how much stress is caused by shopping at furniture-megastore, IKEA, or any oversized furniture store for that matter. It can even cause so much stress that you end up spending the entire day there or even get into an argument with your loved ones! This article however, suggests ways to avoid that shopping stress.

You need to break up the trip into two parts — one for major purchases, and one for accessories. That means, first go get all of the big things you already know you need like couches, beds, dressers, etc. then set aside a different day for buying those little decorative accessories that they have all throughout the store.

If you try to do both, you’ll end up taking a lot longer than you need, and will likely end up spending a lot more as well. Plus you might forget things you actually need because you’re so distracted by the things you don’t need!

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