How To Avoid Self-Induced Stress And Decision Fatigue In Business – Forbes

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Author Chris Myers begins by recounting his doctor’s comments during a yearly physical, who stated to him that entrepreneurs are a uniquely stressed bunch. Myers, well aware that the stresses of making decisions and maintaining a new business simply go with the terrain of entrepreneurship, also recognizes that their pervasive habit of muscling through matters is adversely affecting their health. Thus, Myers provides recommendations to help relieve stress wherever possible, mainly by chipping away at stress by giving attention and feelings of pressure that are proportional to the size of the problem, and by becoming more binary in one’s decision-making process, but in a way that does not lead to a compromise of personal values or to regret.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eliminate simple stress triggers, which over time build up and lead to anxiety.
  • Don’t over-complicate things! Stripping problems down to their basics makes them easier to solve.
  • Build an essentialist mindset: make deciding quick, straightforward, and effective.

“There is a common but false belief held by many in the entrepreneurial community that strength of will is the key to avoiding the impact of decision fatigue.”

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