How Stress Quietly Damages our Quality of Life

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One of the most pernicious aspects of stress is that we are not necessarily aware of when and how it affecting us. In part, this is due to the fact that many of us internalize stress instead of processing it. This is especially common for people who work in high-pressure jobs that require long, sometimes irregular hours. People who are used to compartmentalizing may not experience the symptoms of stress in ways that are not immediately obvious. A recent blog post took an eye-opening look at some unconventional signs that may indicate a person is suffering from excess stress.

The inability to remember certain information is a sign of severe stress. If you’ve recently found it difficult to recall names and numbers that you use to be called upon might be a sign that stress is impacting your cognitive functions. Another sign is impaired concentration. If you find it difficult to get through a long article or to follow the plot in the film, there’s a distinct possibility that you are more stressed than you realize. In some cases, stress can manifest itself in the form of chronic pain in the lower back and neck. If you’ve been plagued by any of the above symptoms, you might want to get more aerobic exercise or book a massage treatment to get your mental and physical health back on track.

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