How Smart Leaders are Reducing Work Stress

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If you are the boss or the leader of your office, you should know that productivity from your team is highest when everyone is happy. Maybe not always happy, but at least not always stressed out from work. Since work is the leading cause of stress for most people, it is crucial to help maintain healthy levels of it so that it doesn’t end up hurting your business.

Did you know that gender affects stress at work? “Women who had trouble with the work hours tended to take formal accommodations, reducing their work hours…In contrast, many men found unobtrusive, under-the-radar ways to alter the structure of their work,” a professor at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business explained.

That means as the boss or leader of your office, you need to take into account the variable needs of your employees, and find ways that will suit everyone in order to reduce the work stress. Otherwise you could end up having employees taking more time off than they need to.

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