How Massages Help Your Immune System

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Although the start of winter signals the return of many delightful seasonal foods and drinks, it also means the return of cold and flu season. Despite all the warnings from our parents, new strains of rhinovirus and influenza are not affected by the amount of sweaters you wear outdoors. To reduce your risk factor of getting a winter illness, you should wash your hands thoroughly and get a flu shot. You can also take measures to boost your immune system; such as making sure you get at least eight hours of sleep a night, take a vitamin C supplement and get regular massage sessions.

In addition to reducing your overall stress level, massages have the ability to optimize your body’s immune function. If you’re like most Americans, there’s a good chance you spend most of your day sitting in the same position uninterrupted for hours on end. Unfortunately, all that sitting has the effect of putting stress on your back muscles and spine. By getting a massage you release tension, which has the effect of decreasing the amount of stress hormones that your body produces. Free of having to process those stress hormones, your immune system will be free to fight off invading viruses.

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