How Massage Helped a Journalist Cope with Dreadful Winter Weather

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As detailed in a recent North Forker article, a Long Island journalist who was dubious about massages ability to relieve stress and reinvigorate, but all it took was one Thai massage session to make her into a believer. Like millions of Americans across the country, the writer of the piece had recently put her body through the ringer while digging her car out of all the snow deposited by a recent winter storm. She explained that her muscles were left tight and sore after performing physically intensive labor in ice cold conditions. However, after getting a Thai massage she found that her muscles and fascia had become loose and flexible once again and her aching muscles were now pain-free.

While holistic medicinal techniques such as Thai massage have been used to heal and revive in Eastern medicine for centuries, they are only now being widely prescribed in the West. This sea change has occurred as a result of several different medical studies which verified massage’s ability to improve mobility, ease stress, lower blood pressure, optimize immune function and, as the article notes, loosen up parts of the body that have become stiff as the result of being put under considerable strain. As such, everyone from office workers to professional basketball players now uses massage to increase their quality of life.

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