How Massage Can Relieve Joint Pain

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This Bangor Daily News article discusses a common, but not commonly recognized aspect to chronic back and neck pain. While things like strained muscles and disintegrating discs can cause severe pain in those areas of the body, it’s also possible that a misaligned joint is at the root of the problem. When the joints in your back become misaligned due to poor posture or injury, they can become inflamed and incredibly sensitive. When this happens, doing is something as simple as getting out of a chair or bending down to tie a shoe can be agonizing. Thankfully, there are a few different treatments that can soothe inflamed joints.

In some cases, a doctor might recommend a course of pain relievers and muscle relaxants in order restore your mobility while your back heals. For those of the sensitivity to both prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers, massage might be a preferred treatment. By gently massaging the affected area, it will be infused with freshly oxygenated red blood cells which will reduce inflammation and aid in the healing process. It will also have the effect of loosening up muscles and fascia near the affected joint. And, a massage can put you in a deeply reality relaxed state that will prompt your body to release pain soothing endorphins into your bloodstream.

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