How Massage Can Help You Be a Better Runner

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Running is an excellent way to stay in shape, keep your stress level at a minimum and lowering your risk factor for contracting serious illnesses ranging from diabetes to hypertension. However, despite its many health benefits, running on a regular basis can put a considerable strain on our bodies. Running requires us to exert our leg muscles to the extent that they can be very sore and stiff after jogging for an extended period of time. Jogging also causes us to stretch out the ligaments and fascia that run from our feet to our lower back. Due to the physical strain involved in running, a recent Runner’s World article discussed how important it is for runners to get regular massage treatments.

A session with a massage therapist or a quality massage chair can loosen leg muscles that have grown constricted by running frequently. Not only will a leg massage relieve soreness and pain, it can also help keep your running form consistent by keeping your leg muscles limber. A deep tissue massage can unknot fascia and ease up tense ligaments throughout your body. In addition to making your runs less physically stressful, a massage can help improve the quality of your sleep. That that means you can reduce the likelihood of incurring a potentially serious injury because sleep deprivation caused you to be mentally unfocused while running.

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  1. Thanks for sharing benefits of massage to us. I do this all the time too especially after a long day at work or an intense work out. I usually use my foam roller or massage chair to help me loosen my tight muscles.

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