How Massage Can Heal through Relaxation

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At one time, massage was generally thought of in this country as an excellent way to relax. However, in recent years the Western medical establishment has begun to accept the fact that massage can have a number of different medicinal applications. As this Medical Daily article notes, it’s very helpful in helping invasive surgery patients heal. By massaging the parts of the body that were operated upon, a qualified massage therapist can direct fresh red blood cells in that area that will expedite the healing process. Massage also has the effect of reducing the uncomfortable aftereffects of their operations, such as post-surgical tissue swelling.

A number of studies of also found that massages are very effective at treating a sleep related maladies. For instance, a quality massage has can induce the body’s relaxation response. When this happens, the brain releases a variety of different stress-fighting hormones and endorphins into the bloodstream. After this response is triggered, recipients tend to find themselves physically relaxed and mentally at ease. In other words, it’s an ideal condition for someone who is struggling with chronic insomnia, or more exotic illnesses like restless leg syndrome. Click the link below to learn more the various healing benefits of massage.

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