How Fallen Arches Can Cause Low Back Problems


Fallen arches is a condition that is quite common and can cause a variety of physical ailments including back and hip pain. There are quite a few causes of fallen arches which often occurs when the ligaments holding the feet in the correct position loosen up and can’t maintain the correct position anymore. There are quite a few reasons that this might happen but incorrect footwear can be a major cause. There are some treatments for flat arches the newest most popular treatment is chiropractic care.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people don’t realize that a common foot problem, fallen arches, often can be the cause of another common problem, lower back pain.
  • Fallen arches can occur when the 100+ ligaments and muscles that stabilize the bones in the foot stretch too much and are no longer able to provide proper support.
  • Treatment for fallen arches can include NSAIDs, surgery, or non-invasive chiropractic care, which will address the whole body and any related risk factors.

“Recognizing the symptoms of fallen arches and knowing that one has a problem can help to prevent the pain but can also arrest further damage to the foot.”

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