How Facial Massage Can Be More Beneficial Than Expensive Lotions

scrub, brush, and liquid soap

It doesn’t matter if you limit your exposure to the sun or invest in a variety of expensive moisturizers, at some point your skin will lose its natural elasticity and glow. The effects of gravity and the slow breakdown of the collagen in your face will result in drooping eyelids, wrinkles and sagging. And while the march of time is inevitable, there is one all-natural treatment that has been proven to keep a person’s face looking healthy and taught well into their later years. That treatment is facial massage.

Whereas expensive lotions only have the effect of keeping your skin from getting too dry and aiding in the healing of weathered or cracked skin, massage goes deeper. By gently stroking and rolling the surface of the skin on your face, you can increase blood circulation to that area of your body. Doing this will signal your body to increase collagen production, thereby making your skin smoother and brighter. Massage also has the effect of relaxing the muscles under your skin, which can slow the development of the fine lines that are the result of holding onto tension. Give the article a look if you want to know more ways that facial massage can help you look younger and healthier.

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