How Does Stress Affect My Cholesterol Levels?

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When it comes to stress in particular there are many different ways in which stress can affect your own particular cholesterol levels. In more detail to this particular aspect itself some of the particular ways in which stress can affect your cholesterol levels include the reactions of the body to stress which are the heart rate going up as well as the blood pressure rising.

Key Takeaways:

  • The effect of stress on cholesterol levels is not clear. One of the problems is that stress is a vague term that is difficult to measure.
  • Stress is understood by a variety of terms: Being under pressure, responding to difficult changes, losing control, feeling anxious, worried, or depressed, feeling threatened or vulnerable, responding to trauma or violence, anger and aggression, being distressed
  • Different people also find their own preferences for how to cope with different types of stress. Coping strategies range from positive self-talk and relaxation techniques to psychological counseling.

“A number of studies have found that emotional stress increases cholesterol levels in the blood. Most of the findings relate to the immediate effects of stress.”