How Diabetics Can Benefit From Massage



A recent post on Health Site offered an eye-opening look at the profound impact massage can have on diabetes sufferers. In the past, it has been suggested that diabetics avoid getting massages for a few different reasons. For one thing, one of the symptoms of diabetes is nerve pain that can cause suffers significant inflammation and sensitivity in hands and feet. As such, a diabetic might find a massage that involves kneading of the muscle and tissue with open palms and elbows very painful. The article points out that while a massage involving those techniques would not be recommended, other styles can be used to ease pain, balance out blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.

If you’re diabetic and wish to receive the full benefits of massage, you need to tell your masseuse that you only want gentle techniques used during your session. For example, the shiatsu style of massage involves the only the use of the fingers. With that style, pain can be relieved by targeting points of tension and applying pressure only to those specific parts of the body. By taking those steps, your masseuse can trigger the release of hormones that will induce a relaxation response, which will allow your body to process glucose more efficiently. And, by improving your circulation, a massage can lower your blood pressure.

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