How Cold Weather Can Cause Serious Back Pain

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Although we put our backs under considerable strain on a fairly regular basis, we’re never aware just how vulnerable that part of the body is until it becomes injured. We all know that doing things like falling on our backs or trying to lift something that’s even a few pounds beyond the limits of our strength can result in debilitating muscle strains or disc damage that can put us out of commission for weeks, even months at a time. However, there are also scenarios that can have an equally devastating effect on our backs that are not as commonly known.

As this news article notes, during the colder months of the year we run the risk of injuring our backs by sneezing. Although the notion seems almost comical, it’s common for chiropractors to experience a spike in their business during the first part of the year as patients come in complaining of lower back pain following an especially violent sneeze. This is because the intense muscle spasm that accompanies a violent sneeze can cause a cervical disc protrusion. As such, it’s a good idea to stretch really and the occasional tension relieving back massage during the winter to protect yourself against a potentially serious injury.

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