How About A Massage Chair For Father’s Day? Hhhmmm…

Yes, it is Father’s Day this month and, yes, you probably think that your Dad already has everything and that you could never think of something else to give him. You could get him a chainsaw or a new tool set. Or you could get your Dad a massage chair. Think of the benefits:

1. Pain relief – aches and pains can be washed away with a few short sessions on a massage chair.

2. Reduce muscle tension – those dang muscles spasms, not to mention scar tissue from years of body abuse by the old man, need a good massage chair to work out the fibrosis.

3. Increase flexibility – ’tis the golfing season. Improve your Dad’s swing.

4. Improved circulation – his feet will tingle like never before.

5. Can watch TV and be massaged at the same time – with basketball and hockey playoffs, what a better way to spend time in front of the TV than by sitting in a massage chair?

6. Another reason for your Dad to love his son or daughter even more!!

SO, there you go…a great Father’s Day gift idea. A massage chair…from Massage Chair Relief (of course).

Dr. Alan Weidner