Holiday hangover: How to bounce back from the food, booze and emotional stress

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A lot of people are experiencing what is known as a holiday hangover. Thankfully, there is a way to bounce back from all of the food and booze and emotional stress that the holidays bring with them. The holidays are filled with foods that are very high in sodium. If someone has too much sodium in a meal, it can make the heart work harder. The next day, people should cut their sodium intake in half and drink plenty of water.

Key Takeaways:

  • High levels of salt intake can cause health problems, both temporary and long term, so keep an eye on what’s in the food.
  • Sugary treats are sweet, but they load people up with empty calories and can cause the dreaded sugar crash afterwards.
  • Christmas cocktails can be a tradition, but over indulging can cause a headache when the alcohol dehydrates people.

“Whether someone is a sucker for the dessert table or spends the holidays dodging underhanded insults from their mother-in-law, stash these tricks in the holiday survival toolkit.”

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