Holiday exercise can help reduce stress

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Holiday exercise can help to reduce stress in someone’s life. November and December are the times of year when people throw their exercise routines to the wind. They start to buy presents for people and put together parties and make tons of good food and this can make exercise seem like a thing of the past. But, exercise can do a lot for people and help them get rid of some of that holiday stress.

Key Takeaways:

  • Taking time out during a busy holiday schedule to exercise can keep one relaxed and recharged.
  • Treating oneself can be indulgent and fun, but set limits so one can keep from letting guilt overwhelm someone.
  • Stick to one’s health and weight loss goals so one doesn’t reach the New Year struggling to recover lost progress.

“Balance is key when it comes to the holidays. Too much of anything, whether presents or food, can become problematic.”

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