Are High Health Costs Due to Work Stress?

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A group of researchers believe that work stress is responsible for up to 8% of national spending on health care and contributes to 120,000 deaths a year. So is better management the fix? The high and sometimes impossible demands from our bosses can take a toll on our mental and physical well-being, and the stress can lead to aches, pains, and anxiety.

But still, there has not been a lot of emphasis placed on the role of workplace stress in the high cost of health care. According to Harvard Business School assistant professor of business administration, Joel Goh, “We have this body of research that shows workplace stress is very bad for health, and we have this other information that says our health costs are way above that of other countries, but traditionally in the US, we have not placed a lot of emphasis on the role of work stress in the high cost of healthcare.”

The article continues to explain how the two are connected, the sources of stress, and some ideas on how to lower work stress.

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