Here’s Why Most Americans Prefer to Treat Pain Without Drugs – TIME

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Many Americans tend to treat pain without using drugs in their daily lives. Most Americans follow that trend and there is a good reason why that happens. Their culture simply doesn’t follow the drug treatment trend that recently took place. People look for other ways to manage pain without having to undergo various treatments. It is possible to make a full recovery without the use of drugs. Find out how these Americans are making progress towards that goal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people take NSAIDS such as aspirin or tylenol as opposed to opioids.
  • There is a growing movement away from treating pain with drugs, and towards other drug-free methods.
  • Staying away from drugs is a trend that might be accelerating.

“In the midst of an opioid addiction epidemic, a new survey of Americans has found that most prefer to try a non-drug approach to treating their pain over taking medications prescribed by their doctor.”

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