Here’s how to understand and treat chronic pain – AZ Big Media

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Chronic pain is something that so many people are living with every single day. Although they probably know that it is not going away, do they know what is important to know to treat the condition? There are many ways that people can treat chronic pain so that it does not interfere with their lives, and understanding it is the first step. People can learn the rest of the things that they need to do to treat their pain, and then it is time to take action.

Key Takeaways:

  • MRI brain scans have shown that brain structure is different in people who suffer chronic pain and people who don’t
  • one tool to combat chronic pain is called reframing, reframing involves switching negative thoughts with constructive or adaptive thoughts
  • Another tool for combating chronic pain is self management, we don’t always need doctors sometimes we can rely on ourselves

“there is much more to chronic pain than only the physical (biological) aspect”

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