Healthy Buffs: 4 steps to minimizing stress in relationships – CU Boulder Today

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Stress can not only negatively impact someone but it can also negatively impact their relationships. People need to make sure they are eating healthy foods and taking care of their bodies. These people also need to make sure they are dealing with their anger, because not dealing with one’s anger will only make stress worse. Reaching out to people and telling them about one’s stress can also help relieve some of one’s stress. Getting enough rest also helps.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is good to stop and check in on oneself when feeling stress.
  • Hunger, tiredness, anger, and loneliness can all be causes of stress.
  • When people identify what is stressing them, they may avoid it in the future.

“Once people can recognize what their triggers and responses are, as well as how each HALT category exacerbates these, they are better suited to be a resource for themselves.”

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