Health Scan: How stress controls hemoglobin levels in blood – Jerusalem Post Israel News

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Cellular stress can actually affect the hemoglobin levels in your blood, and in turn it affects your ability to process oxygen and breath efficiently to get the most benefits to you brain. On a cellular level stress actually can trigger the body’s ability to produce more hemoglobin, and this is surprising to researchers. The truth is that stress response is part of an innate human mechanism linked to survival and instinctual processes which have contributed to human adaptation for millennia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers discovered a new way globin genes are expressed.
  • Stress is an important part of the hemoglobin process and how it’s expressed in genes.
  • The way globin genes are expressed is not well known.

“In a paper recently published in the prestigious journal Cell Research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers reported the discovery of an entirely new mechanism through which globin genes are expressed. Discovery of this property of the hemoglobin genes that was unknown until now shows that stress is vital for making possible the production of hemoglobin.”

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