Health Matters: Battling Back and Neck Pain – NBC2 News

Neck and back pain can be lessened with diet and exercise. People are afraid that movement will make conditions worse but the body should be moving and doctors can help patients learn what movements won’t exacerbate the condition. Smoking limits blood circulation in the back and interferes with healing. People report problems with checking the blind spot while driving and getting a good night sleep, and often these problems are caused by neck pain that radiates down into the shoulders and upper back.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most patients will wait years before going to the doctor to try and treat back pain.
  • A few exercises and lifestyle changes can greatly reduce your back pain.
  • Smoking can limit circulation and hinder your progress at reducing back pain.

“A lot of people are fearful of moving. They’re scared they’re going to exacerbate their condition, and the body is meant to move.”

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