Has your teen complained of ‘text neck’? These exercises can help

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According to physical therapists across the country, teens everywhere are suffering from a condition dubbed “text neck”. This is thought to be a result of the angle in which phones and other electronic devices are viewed. Physical therapists, concerned by the ever increasing number of youth complaining of neck and back pain have put together a view simple exercises to help alleviate the symptoms. Also recommended is a reduction in screen time, and an increase in physical activity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spine specialists are seeing evidence of strain from cellphone, tablet and laptop use in high school athletes who complain that they don’t have the normal range of motion.
  • Athletico is so concerned about the prevalence of text neck that it has produced a list of stretches and exercises teens may do to correct the damage and improve damaged tissue.
  • Another way for teens to combat text neck: Get outside and be active.

“It is, according to a national chain of physical therapy clinics, which reports that more teens than ever are complaining of “text neck,” or back and neck pain that can only be explained by the strain on the body caused by constant viewing of hand-held technology.”


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