A Guide to All Natural Back and Neck Pain Relief

Young businessman with his arms stretched upwards looking at laptop display


Whether it’s the result of overexerting yourself at the gym, spending too many uninterrupted hours staring at a screen or simply age, chronic neck and back pain is one of the most pervasive disorders in the country. And while there are a number of treatments for chronic neck and back pain, some come with significant drawbacks, such as the long recovery times associated with surgery and the high incidence of addiction that has increasingly become linked with the use of prescription pain medication. However, as this Free Press Journal article notes, there are number of all natural remedies that have proven effectiveness in treating chronic neck and back pain.

As an example, bad posture is a leading cause of chronic neck and back pain because so many of us are employed at jobs that require us to sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time. If you have to contort your head to stare down at a computer screen, you likely come home with a stiff and sore back and neck. Thankfully, you can resolve this issue by raising your monitor up to a height where you are no longer required to contort your neck to look at it. It’s also a good idea to get massages on a regular basis to loosen up muscles and fascia that have become tight and twisted over the course of your work week.

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