Gua Sha is the new ‘cupping’: What experts want people to know –


Gua Sha is a new version of cupping. There are some things that experts want people to know. There are many people wondering what it is exactly. It has recently gained a lot of popularity on the internet. The pictures of the people that have used this show them with severe red marks on their backs. This has left many people wondering if the practice is safe or not. This practice is used in Ancient East medicine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gua Sha has recently become more mainstream, and it is a way of relieving skeletal, muscular pain.
  • It is when a blunt object basically scrapes at the particular area in pain to flush the area with fresh blood to relieve pain.
  • Some believe it to be risky because of the marks it can leave behind, and people who have serious illnesses such as Parkinson’s, or are on blood thinners shouldn’t have this Gua Sha done.

“The technique – which has been described as a more intense version of cupping – involves scraping the skin with a blunt-edge tool (usually when body oil is applied to reduce the friction).”

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