Got stress? Eat this


The holidays can bring stress, and food can pile atop the crush of events and family and social occasions to keep people’s tensions high. Avoiding excessive fat and sugar can help quite a bit, particularly since heavy foods can stay with people, and sugar inevitably leads to an energy crash once the rush of sweets wears off. Plan for some healthy options in and around the big event meals, such as cereals, whole fruits, or even some simple mashed potatoes to stay ready for a busy schedule.

Key Takeaways:

  • A quick and easy, but substantial, snack when the holidays are keeping people busy is jam toast with egg.
  • Breakfast cereal is simple and a snap to dig into, at any time of day or night, while remaining filling.
  • Fruits and peanut butter can combine to provide fresh tastes and protein with next to no preparation required.

“While I’m slicing my fruit into equal-sized pieces, it’s nice to pretend for a hot second that cutting away responsibility from my life would be just as easy.”

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