Good attitudes about aging help seniors handle stress

healthy young man practice youga in height mountain at early morning and sunrise

Positive attitudes help limit stress, this is especially important for aging seniors. Having a positive attitude towards aging has an impact on the daily lives of the seniors and as a consequence causes stress. Stress is an issue because it affects our lives negatively and can lead to medical issues, such as increased cardiovascular risks. Having a positive attitude towards aging throughout your life can help improve the quality of it.

Key Takeaways:

  • “We wanted to see whether attitudes toward aging could account for this disparity in research findings. In other words, are older adults with positive attitudes about aging more resilient than older adults with negative attitudes?”
  • The daily questionnaire asked participants about any stress they’d experienced that day, as well as the extent to which they experienced negative emotions, such as fear, irritability or distress.
  • “That affects our quality of life and may also have health ramifications. For example, more adverse emotional responses to stress have been associated with increased cardiovascular health risks.”

“There has been a lot of research on how older adults respond to stress, but the findings have been mixed: some studies have found that older adults are less resilient than younger adults at responding to stress; some have found that they’re more resilient; and some have found no difference”