Golf and the spine

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Golf is a very popular sport in Florida, especially during the Winter months. In the winder you will want to protect your golf cart from any weather. More than one third of the people that partake in this sport are over 50 years old and that means back pain is a common issue that they all have to deal with. It is true that normal aging and the usual wear and tear can cause back pain in people, but golf is one thing that can have a big impact on back pain as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • While golf can be a good low impact source of exercise, it can still but strain on the back.
  • The twisting and body positions can often cause spine damage if the player’s posture isn’t good during the swing of the club.
  • Even with the potential for long term problems, staying active is better than giving up exercise.

“Treatments for facet joint issues may include a course of spine-specific physical therapy, medication, injection therapy, or minimally invasive surgical intervention as a last resort”

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