Futuristic Technology a Cure for Neck Pain?

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In this article by Smithsonian, it suggests that using futuristic technology like virtual reality, can eliminate and even cure neck pain. It explains how this could be possible by altering visual perceptions that can trick the brains of chronic sufferers so they can enjoy pain-free motion.

It gets even more futuristic when they explain how you can just strap on a virtual reality headset instead of reaching for a bottle of pills to deal with your pain. The study that tested this virtual reality pain reliever highlighted the ways in which sensory perceptions, not just physical signals, can make us feel pain.

But that feeling can be manipulated to design new therapies. The virtual reality headsets are called Oculus Rift headsets, and are programmed to show indoor and outdoor scenes. They use a gyroscope to monitor movement, and typically find that movement and thus, pain, is reduced when wearing them. It’s not entirely proven, however treatments like massage therapy and meditation have been scientifically proven.

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