Foot Massage – Infinity Escape Massage Chair (Video)

Infinity Escape

Transcript of Video Titled “Foot Massage – Infinity Escape Massage Chair”

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Infinity EscapeAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to discuss the foot massage of the Infinity Escape massage chair. Now, the foot massage on this chair, it’s a combination – and most massage chairs are this way – it’s a combination of the foot rollers, if it has foot rollers, and the airbags, compressing on the feet, pushing the foot down on to the foot rollers. Now, the Infinity Escape, I’ve got my feet in here, and I’m going to show it to you. You’re not going to see a whole lot on the video, but you can see that my foot is moving, from the rollers underneath, and you can see that the airbags are inflated, pushing my feet down on to the rollers.

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Alan: Sometimes, a foot roller, a foot massage is too intense for some people. So, the two things you can do to alter that intensity is by decreasing the airbag intensity from the remote control of the chair, or you can turn the foot rollers off altogether on the chair, and on the Infinity Escape, you can do both. You can decrease the intensity of the airbags, or you can turn the airbags – actually, the Infinity Escape has two settings for the foot rollers, one is ‘Quick,’ and one is ‘Soft,’ it defaults to the ‘Quick’ setting – but if you turn it to ‘Soft,’ it’ll decrease the roller intensity a little bit. In other words, it retracts the – maybe not retracts – it kind of slows down the rollers a bit, or pulls them back a little bit, away from the foot, to decrease the intensity, but you can also decrease the airbags, or shut the foot rollers off altogether.

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Alan: Now, what’s interesting about the Escape foot rollers is that they have six rollers in each foot. We’ve not seen that before. Six rollers is significant, and when you have your foot in there, you can feel rollers on your toes, on the balls of your feet, on the arch of your feet, on the heel of your foot, it’s a very comprehensive foot-roller massage. It’s a very, very nice foot-roller massage, as well, for the most part, very comfortable. And again, if it’s not comfortable, decrease the airbag intensity, adjust it to the ‘Soft’ setting, or just shut the foot rollers off altogether, but that’s the foot roller on the Infinity Escape. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ If you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us, and of course, share our video on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, whatnot, your social media accounts, to help us spread the word about massage chairs. Thanks so much, and we’ll see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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