Foot & Calf Massage – Infinity Presidential Massage Chair (Video)

Black Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Transcript of Video Titled “Foot & Calf Massage – Infinity Presidential Massage Chair”

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Foot & Calf Massage - Infinity Presidential Massage Chair (Video) - Pres.2.0 1Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to talk about the foot-and-calf massage of the Infinity Presidential massage chair. I kind of like the foot-and-calf massage of this one because it is an encased foot massage, massager.

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Alan: It’s too small if you’ve got feet that are bigger than size 13, even though the chair itself can handle tall bodies, if you’ve got really big feet, you’re going to have a problem. If you’ve got short and small feet like mine, you’ll fit in any chair, but if you’ve got feet like Shaquille O’Neal, that might be a problem. But anyway, this chair, it uses foot rollers, and it uses foot airbags, and it uses calf airbags, but it also has, the airbags in the feet also have toe airbags, and so I’m going to have you come in a little bit here, Jacob. One of the problems that people have when they first sit in this chair, if they don’t have experience with it, is they put their toes on top of the toe airbags, not realizing that this is an airbag, and then it gets pushed on once, and then there’s a Velcro sticker, and they break the Velcro, but it still feels like it doesn’t quite fit. So, when you get in this chair, do not push down on these toe airbags. So, you bring your feet in, slide them underneath, and get yourself positioned in the chair.

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Alan: Now, I’m going to turn on the airbags, or the foot, the foot-and-calf massage mechanism, which is not just the airbags, but it includes the foot rollers as well, and you will see here – just a minute, we’ll get this going – alright, legs and feet. You’ll see that the airbags are already inflating on the toes here, they’re already inflating on the sides of the feet, and the rollers are going. You can see my feet moving, and that’s the rollers underneath, and there’s airbags on the sides of the feet, on the toes, and there are some that grab the right where the Achilles tendon is as it attaches in to the heel bone, the Achilles heel, I guess you’d say. But anyway, that’s the airbag functionality of the foot, and now the airbags are inflating on the calves. You can see the airbags inflating. You can adjust the airbag intensity. This is not very strong, I would probably turn it up a little higher for me, and if you’ve got really skinny legs, maybe you’ll even have to do it more, because it takes a little bit more air to reach your tiny little legs.

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Alan: But if you got big fat calves like I do, I like to turn it up a little bit higher just to get a really strong, intense compression. But while that’s compressing, the calves don’t have rollers in them, like the feet do, but it has knobules that are behind the calf muscles, and those knobules kind of jut in to the gastrocnemius muscles, or the calf muscles, and then the airbags, like the feet, they inflate and push the calves in to those knobules. In the feet, the airbags inflate and push your feet on to the rollers. So, it kind of accentuates the whole foot massage, foot-and-calf massage experience. It’s fantastic, and I don’t know if you’ve ever – well, like some people can’t stand having their feet touched by anybody or anything – so foot rollers are kind of a temperamental thing for some people. But boy, if you have sore feet, or if you’re on your feet all day, or if you walk all day, or whatever the case may be, boy, you will fall in love with the foot massager, and you know, the foot rollers and the foot airbags.

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Alan: And even if a chair doesn’t have foot rollers, you still have airbags, it’s fantastic, and the calf knobules in the back, and the calf airbags, fantastic, and you will love it. It will refresh you, and you know, what’s reflexology, it’s all about hitting specific points, reflexology points under your feet that affect the health of the whole body, according to the philosophy and the theory. Well, why the heck not have a foot roller hitting every point back there, and airbags pushing down, and just massaging all of that for you, it’s fantastic. But anyway, that is the foot-and-calf massage mechanism of the Infinity Presidential massage chair.

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