First Time Use – Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair (Video)

TP-Pro Alpine

Transcript of Video Titled “First Time Use – Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair”

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TP-Pro AlpineAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to show you how to use the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair for the first time. And once you get in the chair, and get it going, you can get the owner’s manual, which is pretty thin, and not too hard to read, and get through, and you can learn more about the chair, but this is how you can get started. Go ahead and sit in the chair, and of course, take your shoes off. If you wear shoes, the foot-and-calf material will get worn out by the soles of your feet, but I just – and plus you won’t even feel the foot rollers on the bottom of your feet – this chair does have foot rollers. So, anyway, you want to sit back in the chair, if you want to get a good neck massage, you can lift this headpiece up and out of the way, and then you can get the rollers working on the neck. For comfort purposes right now, and being able to look at you while I’m demonstrating the chair, I’ll leave the pillow on. Take the remote out, and the first thing you’re going to want to do – and we’ll zero in on this, and make sure we’re focused in, what you want to do is you want to turn on the power button, and that’s – and of course, you can, when, if you want to end your program before the program ends on its own, you can always push that power button, and everything will shut off, and restore back to normal. Now, let me just get my glasses on, so I don’t push the wrong buttons here.

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Alan: What I like to do when I sit on this chair, right off the bat, is I push this button called the ‘Relax Position,’ which is just a nice way of saying zero gravity, and you’ll see that the chair will extend back, and it’ll go in to a zero gravity, reclined position. So, we’ll wait for that to happen, I’m going to get the headpiece comfortable. Now, you’ll notice that the ottoman is extending out automatically. So, the ottoman will extend out automatically, and then it will come back, now you can see it coming back. When it gets to the right length, I push with my toes, and it stops it, and that is the sensor for determining, or for helping you to determine where you want to stop the ottoman leg extension. So, now I’m in my reclined, ‘Relaxed Position,’ or also known as the zero-gravity position, my legs have been measured, and now we can simply press a program, and the program that I like on this chair is the ‘TC Massage,’ which is short for traditional Chinese massage, push that button, and the massage will begin. Well, what actually begins with the massage, is a scan of the chair – and of course, we can put the remote control back in to the slot – and the scan begins. So, all the chairs nowadays have a body scan, where the rollers go up and down your back to figure out how tall you are, and where your shoulders are, and where your head is. And then, of course, you know that this chair, if you took a look at our intro video, you know that this chair has the extended roller track that goes under the butt, in to the top of the hamstrings, and at the top of your thighs in the rear, and it is a phenomenal massage. And you’ll see as this thing goes down, and starts to get a feeling for my body, and starts to – you know, scan the size of me, the size of my – the height of my body, and the size of the torso, eventually you’ll see the rollers go underneath my buttock, and lift it up, and you can see the airbags inflating here to hold my hips in place.

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Alan: You see the armrests, where you just will have to lay your arms, and it’s easy to get your arms in and out of there. Now the rollers are going down underneath me, and you can see the lower portion of my body getting lifted by the rollers, and it’s a phenomenal massage. If you’ve never had an extended roller track massage, this thing will knock your socks off, it’s fantastic. But anyway, that is how I get started on the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair. This is what we put every new customer on, when they first come in to the showroom. If we want to end it early, and most of them do end early, we just push the power button, and bang, the massage stops, the chair restores back to its neutral position, upright, and you are ready to exit the chair. Very easy chair to use, very easy chair to get started, and a great chair, as far as the massage goes, especially down in that butt/glute/piriformis region, fantastic massage. If you found this video helpful, please feel free to ‘Like’ us or share us on your social media properties, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, whatever. We just appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs. And this has been an intro to the first time usage of the Titan TP-Pro Alpine, and we will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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