First-Time Use – Osaki Pro Ekon Massage Chair (Video)

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Transcript of Video Titled “First-Time Use – Osaki Pro Ekon Massage Chair”

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Pro EkonAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to show you how to use the new Osaki Pro Ekon massage chair for the first time.

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Alan: This is a new model from Osaki, a very good quality massage chair, made in a factory that’s widely considered one of the best factories in all of China for building massage chairs. And of course, getting in the chair is fairly easy on this one. It has – and the foot ottoman, or the ottoman and the foot massager, it’s not a fully encased foot massage, but your feet do – it’s not open-toed, so your feet do butt up against the end of it. If you have really big feet, like maybe a 15 or so, you may not fit in this, but I’ve got about an 8.5, 9, and I’m fitting in just fine, of course. Of course, I’ve got small feet, but it’ll fit most feet. Now, you get in the chair, it’s got the pillows here, one to prop your head, another one to act as a damper if it’s too intense, but I usually don’t like to use the pads.

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Alan: I usually just kind of kick them up and over the back of the chair. And then you get the remote, you’ll notice the remote’s in a little pocket here on the side of the arm. And it’s kind of a nice place to have it, because it doesn’t, it’s not a gaudy thing, and some people don’t like those big pedestal remotes, where you got this control panel, like from Starfleet Command. But anyway, so, here you go, you sit in the chair, you will want to turn on the power by pushing on the power button, and immediately, the menu will take you up to the auto-programs. And getting in an auto-program is the easiest way to start any massage chair, and you press OK, and then it gives you all the options for a program. I’ll just go to the very first one, ‘Sports and Refresh,’ and that’s all you got to do. So, you just press power, the menu, and press the auto-program, select an auto-program, and you’ll notice the chair is sliding forward now, do you see that? The rollers have already begun on my back, but the chair is sliding forward. This is a sliding base chair, like the old Infinity Iyashi chair. It goes forward, and then when it’s come fully forward, which is about 10 to 12 inches, the chair will then recline, and you’re going to see it there. Now you see the chair reclining.

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Alan: So, this means you can put the chair right up against the wall. When you turn on the chair, it’s going to slide all the way forward before it reclines, and when it reclines, then the massage will begin. Now, you see the legs are moving, that’s the legs sizing up my legs to make sure it’s scanning me right, and I can feel the rollers working up and down my back. It’s a nice smooth massage, very comfortable. I made one error when I was talking to you, I’m lifting my head to talk to you, but when you’re sitting on a massage chair, any massage chair, keep your head back, in the early stages, when its doing the body scan. The Chinese chairs usually only take 10 to 20 seconds to scan you. The Japanese and American chairs, they usually take a little bit longer, but the scan is important, because if you don’t keep your head back, the rollers are not, are going to either think that your head’s down here, or your shoulders are up here, and you’re going to get your skull massaged, or you’re not going to get your neck massaged at all. Trust me, this happens all the time with customers in the showroom. Anyway, that’s it, so that’s all you got to do, you just press those two buttons, and you are good to go.

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Alan: And you got your, on your first time, you just pull out your owner’s manual, your new owner’s manual from the box, and start reading about the chair, and falling in love with the chair, you’re going to love it. Anyway, this is the Osaki Pro Ekon. When you’re done with it, all you have to do is push the power button, and the thing starts to restore back to its original position. You’ll see that it inclined, and now it’s retracting back along the sliding base, back to the wall, and you are done. So, that is the Osaki Pro Ekon.

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