First-Time Use – Osaki JP Premium 4S Massage Chair (Video)

Osaki JP Premium 4S

Transcript of Video Titled “First-Time Use – Osaki JP Premium 4S Massage Chair”

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Osaki JP Premium 4SAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to how to use the new Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair from Osaki. It’s one of the few 100% made-Japanese chairs in the United States. And but to get going on it is very, very easy, and so I’m just going to put on my glasses so I can see the remote control. But you can pull the remote off the pedestal, turn on the green button right there, and the chair will recline to a preset body position, and then you have this touchscreen menu of programs. And every program, like the ’30-Minute Pro,’ or the ‘Whole Body,’ or the ‘Stretch,’ or the ‘Neck & Shoulders,’ it has options or variations of that program on a second screen. But you notice how it was just a touchscreen, with my finger, you don’t have to do anything down here to get the program going. Let’s just do the ’30-Minute Pro,’ we’ll do the ‘VIP,’ and now the chair is doing a scan on me. I will put this back in to the pedestal, and then after the scan is done – we’ll just wait for the scan to be done – but while the chair is scanning me, and it’s checking out all my body points to map the shape of my spine, as well as my height, and by the way, I also like to remove this pillow whenever I use a massage chair, so that I get a full feel of the neck massage.

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Alan: If you have that pillow there, it’ll prop your head up OK, but you won’t get the full benefit of the neck massage. Anyway, when the scan is done, there will come on the screen, the announcement, if you will, the textual announcement saying that the scan is done, and if you want to begin. And so when that happens – well, see now it says here ‘Detection Complete,’ oh, and I just pushed start, I’m sorry, before you could see it– but it says ‘Detection Complete,’ or ‘Scan is Complete,’ and there is a start button. You push the start button, and your program begins. Now, you can adjust the positioning of the chair back if you feel you’re a little too tall for this. Like let’s see, my knees are a little bent up, bent up a little bit, so I’m going to – I want it to be – I want it to flatten out a little bit, so I’m going to lower the recline a bit, so that my calves meet up right against the back of the calf-airbag massager, and I also have my thighs more flush with the seat, and now it’ll accommodate my height a little bit better when I recline the seat back. But anyway, you might have to do some adjustments like that with this chair, as you do with the Osaki OS-4D JP Premium, which is the older, sister chair to this one, sister model to this one. So, it takes a little bit more work sometimes if you want to get it positioned right, but it’s relatively easy to get going. It’s not just one button, like some chairs.

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Alan: You do one button to turn it on, another button to select which course you want to work, and then what version of that course, and then of course, you got to push the start button once the scan is done, and then if you want to adjust the position of the chair, you got to do that too. But now that we’re done, let’s say I’m finished with my program, and I don’t let it run its course, but I want to end prematurely, before the program’s over, I push the green power button again. It brings me upright, and I just wait for the chair to restore to its normal positioning. And if it doesn’t go all the way up – oh, and then it says ‘Auto Move,’ there’s also an ‘Auto-Move Up’ button, once the default – what will happen is it’ll come up in two stages. When you turn off the program, it’ll come up to a semi-upright position, and then there’s a button there that says on and off, you push that button, and it’ll bring you up all the way. So, that’s a little bit more complicated, perhaps, than some of the other chairs we’ve used, and it takes a little bit more attention to get it going for the first time, but it’s still a very easy chair to use, and a very versatile chair. I really like this chair, top notch, 100% made in Japan, quality massage chair, I really like it. Well, anyway, that’s the first-time use of the Osaki JP Premium 4S massage chair, the number-one selling massage chair in Japan, and one of the few 100% made-Japanese chairs. I hope you found it helpful. If you did, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on YouTube, and of course, help us spread the word about massage chairs by sharing this video on your YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter, or whatever social media platform you use. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and I will see you again on the next video. Bye bye.

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