First-Time Use – Infinity Presidential Massage Chair (Video)

Infinity Presidential massage chair

Transcript of Video Titled “First-Time Use – Infinity Presidential Massage Chair”

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Infinity Presidential massage chairAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today I’m going to show you how to get started on the Infinity Presidential 3D L-track massage chair for the first time. It’s an easy chair to get started in, but there’s a couple of things I want you to be aware of. Number one is the foot massage is an encapsulated foot massage, and there’s airbags here, if you can see those, airbags here that massage the top of your toes. Sometimes when people put their feet in here, you’ll notice my feet go in, and I put my foot on top of that, and it gets jammed up against the Velcro strips. That’s not good. You want to make sure you lift up, and get your feet underneath it, and it’ll fit up to, I think, size 13 or 14, and you just fall back in to the chair, and you’re ready to go.

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Alan: It has a simple forearm-and-hand massage, like this, with the little knobules on the material over the airbags that kind of grip your arms in place, and you have the shoulder airbags as well. You have hip airbags, and it’s a very easy chair to lean back up against, it gives you some support from the rollers right off the bat. The remote control, easy to use. What we like to do, or what I like to do to get started, is push the power button, and you’ll get the screen to come up in a few seconds, once it boots up, and there’s your screen. Now, you can go to the menu, if you want, and you can see all your options. The auto-programs, there’s a whole bunch here, and there’s other things you can adjust, like the heating, or the foot rollers, or the timing of the chair, or whatever, but I like to just go right down here to what we call the the quick pads, or the quick buttons, quick pads.

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Alan: You push ‘Auto,’ and if I go back to the main screen, up here where it says ‘Presidential,’ if I push ‘Auto’ once, it goes to the ‘Recover’ program, and if I push it again, it goes to the next one, the ‘Relief’ program. So, that’s a quick way to get started, and all you have to do is push the ‘Auto’ button, to the program you want, and you just push it to the first one, and you’ll see that the chair reclines, and it comes back, and starts to do the scan, very easy chair to get started on. The foot rollers are quite comfortable. It feels like there’s a little bit smaller roller, like a little bit more, smaller, knobuled rollers, and more of them, and it’s not as intense on the feet. It’s a very comfortable foot massage. The neck massage is strong. This is what they call a J-track chair, where the track doesn’t come in the shape of an L under the butt, it gets a bit of a J-shape, so that the rollers, or so the chair can give you a good stretch program, and we’re not going to show you the stretch program today, but it is an option. But also, because it’s a 3D chair, those rollers come up in to the butt, and still give you a fantastic butt massage, even if it’s not a true L-track, right up against the bottom of the seat, but great, great, chair, and it’s got sequential arm airbags. It’s a little bit – it’s a little bit – well, I should say it’s of moderate intensity on the default settings. There are six different settings for intensity. The one defaults to the three out of six setting, and you can increase it or decrease it, but it is a more intense massage chair.

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Alan: It’s definitely got some strength to it. It’s got heat in the back, the waist, and the feet, but it also has a program called ‘Hot Rocks,’ which is easy to access on the remote, and so it’s a simple button on the remote, another one of those quick pads, or quick keys, and that will heat up the rollers for you. So, this chair has got plenty of heat options. So, you’ve got airbag heat, or sorry, not airbag, but heating pad heat on the back, the waist, and the feet, and then you’ve got the rollers that heat up if you use the ‘Hot Rocks’ program. So, if you like heat, and you really want to warm this baby up, there’s plenty of options for it on this chair, and that’s how you get started on the chair. You’ll see the airbags are pinning my shoulders back. That does a couple of things. It does, it tractions the shoulders, and keeps them in place while the rollers go up and down my back, but it also pins my shoulders back to kind of work on my posture. So, sometimes when you have a chair like this that has the airbags on the shoulders, when you get up and out of the chair, you feel like you’re standing taller, because for 15, 20, 30 minutes you’ve been on the chair, it’s been pulling you back in to a more posturally upright and correct position, and that’s how you get going on this chair, very, very easy.

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Alan: Now, to get out of the chair, again, very easy, push the power button, that’s usually on the top left on most massage chairs, power off, chair inclines, comes back up to its normal, default, resting position, and I’m ready to get out of the chair, piece of cake. Anyway, that’s how you want to use the massage chair for the first time. It’s great to get it started like that, and then you can read the owner’s manual, and really get an idea for how the chair works, because this chair has some wonderful versatility, very easy chair to use, oh, sorry, very easy chair to use, and I think you’re going to love using this chair.

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