Finding comfort key in handling stress – WJXT Jacksonville

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A local newscast contains a feature on how to recognize indicators of stress, and how to deal with it. Some indicators are from the body. Examples include pains in the jaw or stomach, an ache in the head, or trouble sleeping. Mental indicators include grouchiness, trouble focusing on a subject, and even screaming. The feature lists five types of mechanisms for coping with one’s stress. Examples include doing yoga, making new friends, doing a puzzle, or going to church.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seeking and discovering comfort is the key to battling crippling stress.
  • Some parts of our every-day lives cause us stress, but these tasks also provide an opportunity to be changed and made more comfortable.
  • Stress comes from different parts of life like emotional, and social, but it is the physical stress that is easiest to combat by making things more comfortable.

“Recognizing the signs of stress can often be difficult, but there are some key indicators that can help stressed individuals realize that they have more stress than usual.”

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