Fighting Stress Through Resilience

young couple people meditating yoga in lotus position at early morning on the beach

The unfortunate reality is, try as we might stress is an undeniable part of life. Even if you work in a field that you absolutely love, deadlines and market fluctuations will ensure that your job is never really stress-free. While our relationships with our friends and loved ones can be a great source of strength, those same relationships can cause us to feel great aggravation or sadness. And though living in the Information Age has a number of benefits, they can also leave us feeling isolated, distracted and overwhelmed. But since gainful employment, interpersonal relationships and technology are not optional aspects of life for most of us, we have to find ways of dealing with our stress.

This Forbes article discusses an innovative solution to stress management, mental resilience. Instead of figuring out ways to remove stressors from your life, the principle of resilience suggests that you take a step back and consider your situation holistically. As an example, if you can recall a time in your life which you were dealt a devastating psychological blow, such as losing a job, and how you coped with that situation in the past, you’ll gain a measure of solace in the present. Read the article to see if you think using resilience strategies can help you cope with stress.

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