Female Executives Use Conventional Techniques to Fight Workplace Stress

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Because of the large number of responsibilities a and extremely long hours require to be a high powered executive, business people in leadership positions are put under a great deal of stress. However, because executives are required to make the kinds of decisions that will shape a company’s future for years to come on a regular basis, they aren’t allowed to be emotionally overwhelmed. Consequently, executives have to find ways of dealing with the pressure if they want to maintain the position at the head of the table. A recent Boston Globe article looked at how a number of high-powered female executives deal with their high stress jobs.

While expected answers like meditation were named as coping mechanisms, one executive explained that she blows off steam by playing the violin. Several women joined together to create support groups where they could get together to discuss their problems with individuals who were going through a similar experience. The notion of reducing stress by having confidential conversations with other people who were in the same boat proved to be incredibly popular. In fact, some companies adopted the practice formally to effect a holistic solution to the prevalent problem of workplace stress. Read this fascinating article to learn more unconventional techniques for addressing the problem of workplace stress.

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