Expert reveals trick that will eliminate stress in just three minutes – Daily Star

Portrait of posh guy in formalwear sitting and stretching himself

Experts have revealed a trick that will eliminate stress in just three minutes. When it comes to balancing work and life not many of us end up successful. A 2013 study asked people about their stress levels. The findings were that over 44 percent of British people suffer from stress and 28 percent said they have had the feeling of stress for over a year.

Key Takeaways:

  • Over 44% of Brits suffer from stress and 28% said they have been feeling stressed for over a year.
  • A three-minute solution to help you de-stress is to either close your eyes or simply stare at a fixed point and place your feet flat on the floor for stability.
  • Focus only on deep breathing, breathing in deeply through your nose and letting it out with a sigh. Repeat this process eight times until you feel less stressed.

“When it comes to finding work-life balance, not many of us are successful. This results in stress.”