Exercises That Cause Back Pain

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This article is focused on exercises that causes back pain and one interesting fact I saw from reading this exercise is, that the level of intensity of the workout has nothing to do with what types of exercises causes back pain. Spinal degenerative process is what usually causes backl pain, and it is the break down of your spinal chord.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ironically, there does not seem to be any correlation between the level of exertion involved in the exercise and the incidence of back pain generated from participation.
  • Exercises such as horseback riding, martial arts, rugby, American football, serious weight lifting, rowing, gymnastics and high level parkour are known to create the ideal circumstances for injury to exist.
  • Athletic activity can certainly worsen and accelerate the spinal degenerative processes

“Exercise therapy is one of the most widely utilized and popular forms of treatment for a wide range of back pain problems.”