Exercises for neck pain: These 4 exercises will get rid of your neck pain – India.com

In our technology saturated world we spend a lot of time with our heads down, staring at screens large or small, which puts strain on the neck and upper back and can weaken those muscles. Poor posture also results. Four exercises to help strengthen these areas are the chin tuck, neck rotations, a lateral neck stretch, and neck extensions. The proper way to perform these are described and videos are included to demonstrate the moves.

Key Takeaways:

  • The constant use of computer, smart phones, and related activities cause neck and upper back issues.
  • There are several exercises out there designed to help strengthen the weakened neck muscles.
  • Chin tucks, neck rotations, lateral neck flexion stretches, and neck extentions are all designed to be quick and easy exercises to strengthen the neck.

“Chin tuck exercise is one of the most effective neck exercises to strengthen the neck muscles.”

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