Epidemic of untreatable back and neck pain costs billions, study finds – The Guardian

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Untreatable back and neck pain is reaching epidemic proportions, negatively affecting both livelihood and the pocketbook in ungodly ways. Billions has been invested in the back in neck injury in what seems to be almost nothing more than a fleeting endeavor. Find out here the reasons behind this incurable monstrosity along with the financial implications that it brings along with itself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Episodes of acute pain are very common, but experts say that medical investigations only make things worse and the best cure is often to take painkillers, exercise gently and wait for the pain to pass.
  • The team split cancer into 29 separate conditions, which meant that none of them made the top 20, although combined the costs of treatment came to $115bn.
  • The numbers of people suffering low back and neck pain in the US had not changed much, he said, but the spending had soared.

“Injections, electrical nerve stimulation, opioid drugs and a whole host of other interventions are not recommended for lower back and neck pain.”