Employers are beginning to target back pain through wellness plans – HR Dive

stretching arms

Employers have begun to realize that the high cost of absenteeism and low productivity of employees due to back pain is worth addressing. Employee wellness programs have expanded over the years as employers realize the health and well being of people who work for them benefits employees and the companies they work for. Companies are now offering back pain management programs as well as providing working environments and devices that help maintain good posture, preventing back pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Back pain is a major cost to employers in terms of absenteeism and lost productivity, exceeding the cost of cardiovascular conditions.
  • In response employee wellness programs are expanding to include back pain.
  • Posture is one area targeted especially with remote workers who are likely to have poor ergonomic working conditions in the home.

“Offering back-pain management through wellness programs not only helps maintain a healthier workforce, it’s also a way to engage off-site employees, who sometimes feel isolated from the workplace.​”

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