Electric Massage Chair…For The Pool?!?!

Massage Chair Pool Lounger

Man, when I first read this I almost burst out laughing imagining using an electric device the size of a massage chair in the water. I can hear my mother’s voice in the caverns of my brain telling me to not have the radio too close to the tub when I was a kid for fear of electrocuting myself (even though, deep down, I think she was hoping it would happen…I think I was a tough kid to raise!).

Well, I thought I’d share this product with you for your day’s enjoyment. I think the funniest part is the comment section and all the funny, clever responses the readers are making:


Apparently, this is a device that massages your spine while you float in your pool. Hhhmmm…I wonder if I could bring it to the public swimming pool if I don’t have a pool of my own! It looks like it is only a vibrating massage chair …no rollers or air bags. It might look good in your living room.

Dr. Alan Weidner