Education Could Cause Stress Early On

Portrait of young female in white bathrobe looking at camera

Has education caused your child to develop stress at an early age? Would you even be able to tell if it had? In a recent photograph that went viral, a little girl has tears in her eyes at a tutoring center, with a heartless caption that makes you question the stress that education is putting on little kids.

The caption says, “You don’t like competition? But competition will find you!” That may be a true statement, but when it’s small kids enduring the stress and pressure from education, it becomes somewhat of an issue and a fine line between the urge to educate and destructive criticism. But then there’s also the debate whether educators are too easy on kids, and if  they supposedly are, they are criticized for not being stern enough,

“The training of toddlers to prepare them for interviews at kindergartens is a matter of concern.” Concern expressed then has not had much effect. Perhaps the way the poster plays on the hopes and fears of parents explains why. Sometimes it might be the parents who cause the stress of education on the child, yet again, it’s hard to argue because it the parents weren’t involved then the child may not get the education they deserve.

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