Easy Exercises to Avoid Back Pain

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym

There are several reasons why many of us back pain, not not all of us know why. The fact that we are living longer, that we are an overweight nation, and that we sit too much, all easily contribute to some sort of back or neck pain.

Since you can’t stop aging, the best we can do is work on the other two factors, as well was ways to protect our backs and muscles. Starting with the way you work, check your posture; are you sitting up straight when you type, or are you slouching over? You should be sitting up straight, and if you’re not because your computer screen is too low, try elevating it up with a few books so that it’s at eye level.

Doing easy exercises like a hip raise, bird dog, cobra, neck retraction, and corner stretch are all great ways to stretch and strengthen your back, and can be done almost anywhere!

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