Dr. Michael Sinel: Back Pain May All Be in Your Head – Newswire

Portrait of two aged females doing yoga exercise for balance in sport gym

According to Dr Michael Sinel, who is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, your back pain may be caused by thoughts instead of a physical deformity. The theory is that people with back pain who strive to be perfect, thus putting themselves under much stress and anxiety, cause their pain mentally. When a patient goes to Dr Sinel, his first treatment option is to have them eliminate as much emotional stress from their environment as possible. He is currently teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga at the UCLA School of Medicine to help people relax and relieve pain without medicine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Michael Sinel provides a different perspective on back pain, discussing one of the ways that could be causing it.
  • Dr. Sinel is a reputable expert in back pain and spinal disorders. Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, he is currently an attending physician at the UCLA Spine Center.
  • This psychological approach to back pain, however, is not actually a new concept. It was pioneered by Dr. Sinel’s mentor, Dr. John E Sarno, a former professor of rehabilitation medicine at the New York University School of Medicine who wrote a best-selling book called Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection in 1991.

“Dr. Sinel has been using the psychological approach to treating back pain and has been largely successful. He has already treated numerous patients with chronic back pain and continues to share his back pain treatment to those who cannot find a way to end their chronic pain.”