Don’t Make Low Back Pain Worse

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Not only will one’s spouse appreciate the other’s empathy when he or she is dealing with lower back pain, it actually turns out that a lack of empathy on either partner’s part can make their suffering worse. This is backed by new research of couples where one partner was suffering back pain. Researchers evaluated the interactions between the partners based on how supportive, or critical the non suffering partner was. Researchers found that when the suffering partner received negative feedback, that they also suffered more physically. Support one’s partner and one might take a load of pain off of their backs.

Key Takeaways:

  • If one’s spouse is in pain, offering positive support can reduce the pain.
  • Women particularly, in a study, experienced more pain when a spouse’s reactions were critical or negative.
  • Advice which is perceived as critical, although it may be intended as helpful, may increase pain.

“When someone’s in pain, give them full support!”

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