Don’t Let Your Stress Stress Out Your Kids

Young businessman with his arms stretched upwards looking at laptop display

You aren’t the only person who might be suffering from stress. Today, kids are much more anxious than they were in the past, and it has a lot to do with their parents’ stress. Even the youngest children complain about falling asleep, fears of making mistakes, or doing badly in school, and feeling overwhelmed.

They face higher expectations for success, and at earlier ages than before. Then to add in the mix of family stress, makes it worse, since stress is highly contagious. Even if you try to hide it, kids will still be able to pick up on your tension.

This article provides insight and tips on how to manage your stress so that you can keep it from becoming your kids’ stress. It starts with acknowledging your hot spots, and what sets you off. Also know what calms you down, and when you need to take a deep breath.

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